About C.O.R.E

Commit to The Process

At CORE CYCL, we encourage commitment to a healthier overall lifestyle. Our clients understand that fitness goals take time and consistency is key. You will learn to love your journey in a non-intimidating motivating atmosphere! 

Overcome Obstacles

Find the time to make yourself a priority! Kids, work, family, social gatherings, girls’ night out, vacation, low energy, financial, etc.... Invest in yourself and your health now, or pay much more in medical bills later. At CORE CYCL, you will gain an incredible support system and lose your excuses, along with unwanted weight!


6716 Orchard Lake Road

West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322



Execute Your Plan of Action

CORE CYCL is a goal-oriented fitness facility ready to guide you through the process. With a variety of fun upbeat classes, personal trainers and the best members in town, it is time to get out of your fitness rut, keep things fresh and exciting, see results and get fit!

Redefine Your Core

Along with fun and energetic classes, challenging workouts, amazing trainers and nutritional education, CORE CYCL focuses on redefining both your physical and psychological self.  We want all members to leave feeling accomplished, strong, happy, proud and excited to come back the next day! Always striving to build the best version of you!