What makes CORE CYCL different than other fitness facilities?

CORE CYCL is a one-stop body shop that is 100% devoted to helping our clients redefine themselves and create the best version of themselves. We are a results-oriented facility with elite, certified, inspiring staff and we are here to educate, motivate and guide you through this process every step of the way. We keep all of our classes fresh and exciting, using fantastic music and a positive encouraging atmosphere to get everyone excited about fitness! IT IS ADDICTING!!!

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!!    CORE CYCL is committed to offering many different class types in order to keep our clients from plateauing and getting bored. If you want to change your body and get results, you need to keep your body guessing and cross train! 

What is indoor cycling on a RealRyder bike?

At CORE CYCL, we always use the most cutting edge equipment. The RealRyder bikes are different from traditional stationary spin bikes in that they are the only stationary bikes in the world that move laterally, allowing riders to bank (lean) into a turn. As a result, the workouts are more dynamic, CORE concentrated, intense and comprehensive than a traditional indoor cycling bike. Using your arms to move the handlebars engages your upper body and core making this a total body workout instead of just lower body. 

Can I take a class if I have never worked out before or have a specific injury limiting my mobility?

YES!! Everyone (12 and older) can take a CORE CYCL class! Although our instructors will encourage you to give it your all, the intensity of the workout depends entirely upon the individual. A participant can take it easy or push as hard as possible. Please let your instructor know of any health or fitness issues you may have before class. Also, please consult your physician before taking up any new exercise program. If you are unsure of which class to start with, we encourage you to call us so we can guide you to the class best suited to your fitness goals.

Will my legs bulk up from spinning?

NO! Shaping long lean legs and shredding excess body fat are what CORE CYCL classes deliver. The quick rotations on the bike will make your legs leaner. When you have toned, lean leg muscles, they burn fat even in a relaxed state. Take a look at outdoor professional cyclists’ legs... any more questions?

What should I wear?

You can wear your regular gym gear but for maximum comfort, a tight fitting bike short or capri is recommended. Try to wear a top made with a quick dry fit fabric. You may wear your regular exercise shoes, but we recommend an SPD cleat bike shoe that clips directly into the pedal. If you choose to wear an athletic shoe, flat bottom stiff soled shoes are best, like a traditional tennis shoe. We highly recommend riding with a heart rate monitor for maximum cardio benefit.

Please bring your own towel and water. CORE towels, CORE water bottles and water will be available for purchase on-site.

Why do outdoor cyclists like the CORE classes so much?

The RealRyder bike was designed by a devout cyclist who wanted to duplicate the feeling of riding on the road or out in the trails. Cycling is most often seasonal, so cyclists are forced to train indoors on a “trainer” which is usually boring, but the closest thing to an outdoor experience... until now! The RealRyder bike allows cyclists to train on a bike that simulates a true outdoor Ryde and enjoy the benefits of the class experience (more fun, challenging workouts in a high energy atmosphere).

Can I rent CORE CYCL for private group classes?

Yes, of course you can. Inquire at the desk or email Traciraitt@gmail.com to find out about our CORE Customized Classes for clubs, sports teams and corporations.


6716 Orchard Lake Road

West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322



Please comply with the following guidelines:

  • In consideration of other members, we ask that you do not save bikes.

  • Indoor cycling, kickboxing, TRX, VIPR, personal training, rowing are all high intensity workouts that are not recommended for those with heart conditions or women who are pregnant. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

  • If you are new to CORE CYCL, please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts and inform the instructor that you are a first-time participant.

  • Out of consideration for other class participants, we do not admit those who arrive five minutes past the starting time.

  • We ask that you participate in the entire class. If it is absolutely necessary to leave before the end of the class, please use a bike at the rear of the studio.

  • To make everyone’s CORE experience more enjoyable, we ask that you refrain from excess talking during class.

  • Food is prohibited.

  • A towel and water bottle are highly recommended. Cups are not permitted in class.